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What is
IptablesWeb is a free software (under GPL licence): it allows to inspect iptables logs, to receive e-mails and alerts using a web browser; it's a plugin-based multilanguage and multiuser software written in PHP.

System required

Languages required
  • XHTML 1.1
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • AJAX

Components used

  • Core based (IptablesWeb core)
  • Plugin based: increases software potentiality and modularity
  • Multilanguage
  • Multiuser; guest, user and admin account
  • Accounts belong to different groups
  • Each plugin can be duplicated in different blocks, each one with its own independent properties
  • Security: IptablesWeb is protected by htaccess and regular expression
  • Portability: it can be used with any database
  • Fully object oriented
  • Supports CSS & XHTML1.1 standards
  • Refresh settings: the update time can be set on each block to reduce CPU load
  • Drag & drop fetures: users can define which blocks to display and their order

IptablesWeb Core
File Size Date Language Version
iptablesweb.tar.gz 849Kb 18-05-2006 IT - EN 2.0

IptablesWeb Plugin
File Size Date Language Version
day.tar.gz 8Kb 18-05-2006 IT - EN 2.0
lastlog.tar.gz 7Kb 05-01-2007 IT - EN 2.01
compare.tar.gz 7Kb 18-05-2006 IT - EN 2.0



  • [Gnomix]: Project Manager Founder || Email: gnomix AT users.sourceforge.net
  • Taglia: English translator

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